How I teach Life Scientists to Build Inclusive Communities

Key “take home” points: 1. How to engage and bring together those underrepresented in STEAM? 2. What are useful formats to engage a diverse audience? 3. How to identify co-organizers, speakers, sources of funding?

Strategies to build a strong diverse AsiaR community

Incubator: Stop reinventing the wheel: R package(s) for conference and abstract management

The ability to host an entire conference online went from nice-to-have to absolutely essential for many communities within just a bit more than a year. As a consequence, online conference tools were exposed to a wider audience, faced tougher …

Incubator: Strategies to build a strong AsiaR community

R has been a very inclusive community and collective learning has always helped, with many users of R in Asian countries we can as well have a strongly knit community for R’s users. Inspired by the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) R, AfricaR, and …

Making cool publication quality tables w/ R

RLadies+ featuring useR! meetup

This year useR! ( will be a global and entirely remote conference. One of the main goals is to encourage the participation of diverse people (considering diversity in all its forms and all its intersectionalities). The …