How I teach Life Scientists to Build Inclusive Communities

Key “take home” points: 1. How to engage and bring together those underrepresented in STEAM? 2. What are useful formats to engage a diverse audience? 3. How to identify co-organizers, speakers, sources of funding?

Computational approaches to study molecular pathogenesis and intervention of infectious diseases

Strategies to build a strong diverse AsiaR community

Incubator: Stop reinventing the wheel: R package(s) for conference and abstract management

The ability to host an entire conference online went from nice-to-have to absolutely essential for many communities within just a bit more than a year. As a consequence, online conference tools were exposed to a wider audience, faced tougher …

MolEvolvR: Web-app and R-package for characterizing proteins using molecular evolution and phylogeny

Molecular evolution and phylogeny can provide key insights into pathogenic protein families. Studying how these proteins evolve across bacterial lineages can help identify lineage-specific and pathogen-specific signatures and variants, and …

Incubator: Strategies to build a strong AsiaR community

R has been a very inclusive community and collective learning has always helped, with many users of R in Asian countries we can as well have a strongly knit community for R’s users. Inspired by the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) R, AfricaR, and …

Making cool publication quality tables w/ R

RLadies+ featuring useR! meetup

This year useR! ( will be a global and entirely remote conference. One of the main goals is to encourage the participation of diverse people (considering diversity in all its forms and all its intersectionalities). The …

Using Tidyverse for Genomics

This workshop will present how to analyze & visualize processed genomics data. This workshop will be divided in 5 parts: Part 1: Getting started w/ readr Part 2: Reshaping data w/ tidyr Part 3: Data wrangling w/ dplyr Part 4: Visualizing tidy data …

RLEL Workshop on RMarkdown & Reproducible Research