Ten simple rules to host an inclusive conference

Conferences are spaces to meet and network within and across academic and technical fields, learn about new advances, and share our work. They can help define career paths and create long-lasting collaborations and opportunities. However, these …

Making cool publication quality tables w/ R

RLadies+ featuring useR! meetup

This year useR! (https://user2021.r-project.org/) will be a global and entirely remote conference. One of the main goals is to encourage the participation of diverse people (considering diversity in all its forms and all its intersectionalities). The …

2019: RLEL Upcoming Events

What's in store for 2019: workshops, conference, bookclubs & more!

R-Ladies East Lansing: 2018, Year in Review

Some accomplishments from 2018 & announcements for 2019!

Launching R-Ladies East Lansing!

Welcome to our new chapter: *Who we are & What we do.*

R & R-Ladies East Lansing

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