Computational approaches to study molecular pathogenesis and intervention of infectious diseases

MolEvolvR: A webapp for characterizing proteins using molecular evolution and phylogeny

Studying how bacterial pathogenic proteins evolve can help identify lineage-specific and pathogen-specific signatures and variants, and consequently, their functions. We have developed a streamlined computational approach for characterizing the …

MolEvolvR: a web-app for molecular evolution and phylogeny

We will discuss the alpha version of their new easy-to-use interactive webapp: MolEvolvR, for characterizing proteins using molecular evolution and phylogeny. We will begin by demonstrating the power of MolEvolvR using the panbacterial stress response system, PSP (phage shock protein), as an example. Then, we will anyone can use this app to study their protein(s) of interest. PSP app: (bioRxiv 2020) MolEvolvR app: (currently, alpha-version)

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Computational evolutionary approaches for understanding pathogen proteins and genomes

Computational evolutionary approaches to characterize bacterial proteins

Molecular Evolution and Phylogeny

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