Computational evolutionary approaches

Integrating molecular evolution and comparative genomics to achieve comprehensive, multiscale characterization of bacterial proteins and genomic features.

sRNA discovery

Discovering unique pathogenic sRNA in infected hosts

Bacterial Stress Response

Studying stress response systems using molecular evolution and phylogenetics.

R & R-Ladies East Lansing

Posts, news, & material pertaining to R & *R-Ladies East Lansing*

Host-responses to infection

Characterizing host response to infection and host-directed interventions

Studying lipid metabolism deregulation in TB

Summary We also studied host responses to M. tuberculosis infection using computational approaches: characterizing the transcriptional response in infected macrophages under various small molecule perturbations using RNA-Seq analysis; understanding the dysregulation of lipid metabolism in M. tuberculosis-infected macrophages using dynamic Bayesian model and statistical analyses of heterogeneous single-cell populations. Collaborators Rutgers University Marila Gennaro Sanjay Tyagi Eduardo Sontag (now in North Eastern) Tulane University Deepak Kaushal Knowledge Synthesis Hugh Salamon

Dynamical Systems & Modeling

Mathematical modeling of pathways involved in cell cycle regulation and differentiation